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History of Australian Pokies Machines

pokie machinesWith its connotations of high-end casinos of the past, pokie machines have always been a popular pastime in Australia. Indeed, the pokie machine has been one of the most popular activities in the last fifty years. The history of pokie machines in Australia essentially starts in New South Wales in 1956, when pokie machines were first legalised in the region; prior to this point, pokie machines had been available but not condoned by the law, and construction of the machines was extremely basic.

Nonetheless, the machines were extremely popular from their legal inception forward in the country. Indeed, pokie machines soon became central to Australian culture, and with the rise of digital technology and internet speed, pokie machines became increasingly technical and available in more complicated formats, often with the ability to reach out to casinos online. That availability on a variety of levels continues today, with greater access to individualised pokie programs giving users a wider selection of pokie machines to play than ever.

With options for land-based pokie machines available for PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones, for example, Microgaming pokies like Tomb Raider and Burning Desire are among the most popular options in Australia today. One of the most popular of these games, Thunderstruck, was the first major Microgaming selection available, and maintains its position as one of the best and most popular options for pokie playing in the country.

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 Fair Go Casino AUD1000 Review
2 24 VIP Casino $AU1000 Review
3 Two Up Casino AU$1000 Review
4 Casino Max $AU9000 Review
5 Joe Fortune Casino AUD1000 Review
6 Casino Mate $US1400 Review

Online Pokies Machines

online-pokiemachineWider access in the 1990s and 2000s to the internet in Australia led to many online casinos also being founded. Casinos like Fair Go, Joe Fortune, and 24 VIP Casino made their names by providing pokie machine players with in-depth games and interaction with casinos possible from home.

As online casinos have become extremely popular options for players, the chances are many for pokie machine fans who enjoy the fast action and fun of the form. Indeed, for many pokie machine fans, one of the joys of the game is finding the casino that is right for the customer, with graphics and interesting interfaces that make playing a joy. With their ability to entertain players from all levels and backgrounds, online pokie machines thus create a dynamic environment that makes for an attractive option of play. For players looking for a more personal experience, a digital pokie machine can make the dynamic one of a more laid-back feel.

Since 1956, pokie machines have been legal in Australia depending on the region where they’re located; for example, at the beginning of this period, New South Wales was the only state where pokie machines were legal. The legality of pokie machines is now a state decision, so availability can vary depending on area. However, by finding out the rules concerning pokie machines in your region, it is easy to determine the right online casino or Microgaming program that fits your style of playing. Consulting the Interacting Gambling Act (IGA) law that passed in Australia in 2001, which specifies in what contexts certain pokie matches relating to online use are legal, can be a great step towards understanding your region’s rules on online pokie playing.

While casinos are prohibited from providing pokie games to Australian citizens in many instances, citizens are not prevented from playing such games. Still, it is important to decide whether or not you are in compliance with your local laws. Once this step is completed, pokie machine aficionados in Australia will want to look for a few things when considering which casino to work with. A reliable website and easy-to-use features will allow users to focus on playing games rather than dealing with flashy add-ons, and the best casinos will usually offer bonuses for signing on and playing with their company.

Where to play pokie machines online

One of the leading online casinos, Fair Go, for example, offers a $500 starting bonus for its wide breadth of games and striking list of programs, while Joe Fortune aims for a classic Vegas feel to its site and a $1200 sign-up bonus.

Fair Go Casino

  • Accepting Aussies
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Bitcoin Deposit/Withdraw
  • Over 600 Games
  • Great Support

Joe Fortune Casino

  • Great pokies selection
  • Mobile app available
  • Free Bitcoin withdrawals

Another major site, Planet 7 OZ offers up to $500 in signing bonuses and has a striking look and feel that seems right out of a movie. Whatever players choose, it’s important to get a sense of what the right casino is for you.

Planet 7 OZ

  • Great Selection of Games
  • 24/7 Support
  • Android and iOS compatible

Each casino will have its own style of players, and getting a sense of what you want out of your pokie machine experience will help you to have the most fun possible.


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