How to Play Pokies Machines

play pokie machinesThe thrill of winning, the excitement of taking a risk and getting into the ‘zone’ for a bit are all reasons that people play pokies. If you are new to the pokies phenomenon, you might be looking to learn more about how to play pokies machines and how to win.

The first thing you should understand about pokies before you start playing them is how they are programmed. Internally, the pokies machine is controlled by a motherboard and something called an EPROM, or erasable programmable read-only memory. These two things control the logic and behaviour of the machine. When a user presses the ‘spin’ button on a pokie machine, these technological parts spring to action.

The EPROM is programmed to randomly select numbers and will display these numbers in a matter of seconds. Depending on the bet, the user will either win money or will need to spend more in order to play again. You should know that electronic pokies are programmed to only allow a certain percentage of plays to win, and this cannot be changed by the establishment. Online pokies work almost the same way, expect a remote server takes the place of the EPROM.

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How to Choose the Best Paying Pokie Machine

pokies-luckyhatNow that you understand how to play pokies machines and how a pokie machine works, you might be wondering how to choose the best paying pokie machine. There are a number of strategies out there that people use to find the right machine. Some people simply rely on luck and will choose any machine, as long as they have luck on their side in the form of their lucky hat, lucky socks or lucky talisman. Other people will choose a machine that is in a location that is out of the way. For instance, when using this strategy, a person would choose a pokie machine that is in a faraway corner versus the one right in the aisle.

People believe, since the machine that is out of the way, the odds are in their favour. Finally, people will use a mathematical approach. Each pokie machine will take about 20% of every dollar a player inserts. However, this is only verifiable over time. At the same time, Australian pokie machines have a pay-out of about 87% on average. So, if you spend $100 on a pokie machine, you can expect to lose $20, but if the odds are in your favour, you can also walk away a big winner.

If you really want to ensure a win, however, consider online pokies. They have a higher pay-out than machines in most cases.

How to Win on Online Pokie Machines

strategySince online pokie machines tend to have a better pay-out than other machines, many people will choose to play pokies from the comfort of their own homes. The first thing that you should remember is that you will not win consistently when playing online pokies due to the pay-out programming.

You should also remember that there is no real secret to winning, nor is there a strategy that will ensure you win every time. To make sure that the odds are in your favour, don’t chase your losses, don’t increase bets when you are losing and know when to walk away when you are winning. Over the long term, you will win more money by playing online pokie machines if you keep these tips in mind.

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